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I’m Chelsa Riyan and I’m the Founder of Savior Alive. I’ve read the Holy Bible everyday since I was thirteen. I’m a devout Christian and am here to share my stance with the world.

Savior Alive

As a Christian woman, I am grateful for the Almighty’s endless grace.

I Am a Christian Woman & Mother

Biblical Verses That Inspire Me 

Romans 8:38-39

Isaiah 41:10

John 15:13

Mark 10:27

Ephesians 3:20

Matthew 19:26

Psalm 27:12

Philippians 4:13

Love for Scriptures

My love for scriptures find a consistent sharing of feelings intially on paper and nor on my current blog.

There are 2.3 Billion+ Believers Across the Globe & I’m One of Them

So, is it worth to be a person of faith?

In my view, YES. It is absolutely worth it to be a believer in the Holy Scripture. Not only should you read it daily but also allow you to guide your life.

What motivates me to put faith in the Bible?

I’ve read the Holy Bible from an early age and have seen it transforming my life.





Reach Out

If you connect with my faith journal, my mission or my stance on life, do connect with me and let me know how you feel about ‘Savior Alive’ as a platform.