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As a devout Christian, the one question that I get asked all the time is, “Have you read the entire Bible?” And my answer always is, “Yes.”

By the grace of God,  I have read the entire Bible four times from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. It took me eight years to read the entire Bible four times cover to cover.

And in the current blog, I’ll share my experience with you all.

Have you read the entire bible

Have You Read the Entire Bible – My First Experience With The Bible

From childhood, books are my best friends, and the Holy Bible is my favorite one.  It is also a  blessed Book. 

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour very early in life. Since then I am reading the Bible every day.

Different translations of the Bible are available nowadays. I read the Bible in my regional language and it was easier to read. 

One of the strange things I feel about the Holy Bible is that every time I read the Bible cover to cover, I draw up different interpretations.

Sometimes I think like some verses I have never noticed before. Whenever I read the Word of God I come across something new.

If we make time to read the entire Bible, we can find out the treasures in it. Bible is a behavioral & instruction guide that tells us to act and live morally on this earth.

 Reading Each Book Of the Bible Is Important 

Holly Bible has 66 Books and it consists of two sections. One is the Old Testament and the other is the New Testament.  Jesus Christ is the central theme in both the Old and New Testament.

But the difference is that the Old Covenant of Moses, which is applicable only to the Israelites, and the New Covenant of grace is guided by Jesus which is applicable to everyone.

Throughout the Bible, we can see that the Scripture strongly encourages us to grow spiritually in the attributes of Jesus. In the New Testament, the Epistles teach us that the most important thing God needs from us is Obedience and Surrender.

If one needs to succeed and grow spiritually, obedience to God is a must because it indicates love for Him. When we seek God first we can experience God in our everyday life.

We know that the Old Testament directly points towards the New Testaments. But one can understand the Old Testament only if they have to know the basic knowledge of the New Testament.

What Is the Best Order to Read the Entire Bible

If you wish to start reading the entire Bible, I would highly recommend starting with one of the Gospels, because it concentrates on the life of Jesus Christ. 

In the Old Testament we can find out only prophecies regarding Jesus Christ But in New testament explains Jesus Life, Death, and Resurrection.

The First Book of the Bible is Genesis, it illustrates the creation of Earth. The Word of God has the power to create. We can see in Genesis God spoke the Word and it happened.

From the first Book of the Bible until the last one we can observe the power of God’s word. In Genesis, we learn, how the world began, and the ancient history of humanity.

According to the Bible Adam is the first man in the world. The last book of the Bible is Revelation and it explains the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Book of Revelation is a Prophetic Book. I understood the importance of Eternal life from this book.

One good thing about reading the whole Bible is that we can see Jesus Christ all over the Bible. It is written in 1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.

So Why This Question Have You Read The Entire Bible Is Important?

The answer is written in John Chapter 8:31Jesus, therefore, said unto the Jews who believed in him, ‘If ye may remain in my word, truly my disciples ye are, and ye shall know the truth”.

God created mankind to worship Him and He calls each and every one of His children of God to read the Bible.  It is mandatory for a Child of God to know the Word of God to do His will.

By reading the entire scripture I understood that the most important thing in my life is to build a good relationship with God and others.

The Bible Has A Major Role In Our Life

Bible is also the Book of Transformation. The Bible verses are transforming my life. After reading the entire Scripture for the first time, I feel like I gain clarity about my life. The word of God can radically change one’s life.

Each time I read the entire Bible, the Holy Spirit assists me to understand what is meant by the verse and how to apply it in my life.  Holy Spirit is like our own personal teacher and counselor. Most of the time while reading and studying God’s word I write down the key verses and main points in my notebook. It helped me a lot of time to make wise decisions.

It is not entirely coincidental, the Bible says in Psalm 32:8 (NIV)I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

How Important Is It To Be Reading Your Entire Bible?

We can learn many things from the Bible. The word of God taught me to pray for a humble heart and always keep faith in Him. The main three important points of reading the entire Bible are listed below.

1.       The first and foremost is when we read,  God will speak to us through His Word and it helps to maintain Spiritual Life.
2.       Second important thing is we have become truly God’s disciples.
3.       Third main point is  God guides us in His truth and it leads to Achieving Salvation.

25 Benefits To Reading The Entire Bible

What I Have Learned By Reading The Entire Bible?

The Book of James was my all-time favorite Book in the Bible because it gives pieces of practical advice one should apply in his lifetime. It is also like the Book of Proverbs in the New Testament. I have learned many greatest things from the Bible. The life lessons I learned from the Bible is mentioned below:-

1.       Always focus our eyes on Christ. We need to put God first.

2.       How to love our enemies (Was the most challenging thing for me)

3.       The importance of forgiveness.

4.       How to stop worrying and live in the present.

5.       Nothing is impossible if we have faith in our self and in Jesus Christ.

Have you read the entire Bible, This is also the most common question asked by all Sunday school teachers to young teen students. If someone reads four chapters a day can finish the entire Bible in a year. Every question I had in my life was solved by the Bible Scripture. The Bible has everything in it, it provides wisdom, salvation, conscience, advice, blessing, promises, and many more.

Bible is a rich source of Promise, Blessings, and Deliverance.

I highly recommend that everybody should read the entire Bible at least even once just to know about the truth of God’s word and to find out what is written in the sixty-six books. Before starting reading just pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Bible can change your life. Study with a broad mind and heart. Daily reading will help you to achieve the goal.

If your objective is to deeply comprehend the Word of God, I will assist you in developing a more effective approach starting now. Find the greatest 365 Bible reading plans on the internet in a single accessible spot.