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Every Christian parent of a growing child is faced with an important question- How to introduce toddlers to Jesus? Well, I have been pondering over this question too and in this blog, I share with you my thought on the matter.

Introducing your child to God is one of the most important jobs that you have to do as a parent. Teaching them early about Jesus helps strengthen their faith as they grow older and also inculcated good values in them.

How to introduce toddlers to Jesus_

How to Introduce Toddlers to Jesus: 11 Subtle Ways 

If you wish to instill good qualities and good habits in your child, start early. Similar is the case with introducing your toddler to Jesus. The earlier you start, the earlier they will begin to develop a strong value system.

Even the Bible focuses on the importance of inculcating good habits early in life. Proverbs 22:6 says “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

I have been a devoted Christian all my life and now that my child is growing up so quickly, I have thought of introducing him to Jesus. Here are my answers on the question, How to introduce toddlers to Jesus:

1. Introduce your Toddler to Good Animation Movies Depicting Jesus 

Visuals are the best way of learning a new concept and in the case of little children, nothing works better than animations. I would suggest introducing your child to Jesus by means of some animation movies and cartoons.

There are plenty of such resources available throughout the internet. Many interesting animation movies are available on YouTube.

While your child sits down to watch the movie or cartoon, sit with her/him. Young children have a lot of questions, so be there when your child has some questions about the story or about Jesus.

2. Get a Toddler Level Bible Inspired Story Books and read it Out to them to Introduce Them to Jesus 

Kids love colorful books that have pictures and large fonts. One of the best ways to introduce your young ones to Jesus is by means of such books.

I would definitely suggest you get these bible inspired books from the store and read them out to your child. Young children love storytime, and it’s a good opportunity to teach them about Jesus 

Prioritize reading these Bible stories to your child during bedtime. You can start with shorter stories that your child can easily understand and will be interested in.

3. Make Your Little One a Part of Your Praying Time, so That they See How Important Jesus is in Your Life

Another great way of introducing your little ones to Jesus is by allowing them to be part of your praying time. Let them sit with you while you do Bible study.

Young children pick up habits very quickly and by seeing the parents indulge in praying often, the will definitely be inclined to do so themselves.

As a child, I remember clearly seeing my mother read the Bible. After her readings, I would ask her a lot of questions about Jesus and about God. That was my first introduction to my faith and to Jesus.

4. Buy Your Toddlers Some Bible Inspired Toys to Introduce them to Jesus

All kids love toys and what better ways than toys t explain to your child about Jesus. Buy your child Jesus and other Bible-related toys.

You can introduce Jesus to your child’s friend and tell her/him how Jesus loves them. These toys can be used in playing out stories and during storytelling sessions.

Although my little one is way too young to play with toys right now, I have already bought him a Jesus figurine. He is already very fond of it and it makes me really happy.

5. Set an Example for Your Toddler by Referencing Jesus in Everyday Life 

Children learn what they see. Therefore, teach your toddlers about Jesus by being an example. Bring out references of Jesus in your day to day life.

Whenever things go bad, ask Jesus for help and when things are going well, thank him for his kindness and protection. Use such examples on a day to day basis.

If your child is hearing you being grateful and taking the name of Christ often, they will learn and develop interest. They would be interested in knowing more about Jesus, and then you can tell them more about the Lord.

6. Introduce Your Little One to Church Early and Explain Them about Christ

Make sure you take your child to Chruch regularly. Going to church should be a thing that you do together as a family.

Some parents feel that taking toddlers to the Church is quite a task as little ones get fidgety. It is understandable if your child finds it hard to stay put during the whole service. However, it is your job as a parent to keep them engaged.

Children have a short attention span, therefore you can carry some toys, colouring books for them to take to the church and keep them busy during the service. However, every time you go, explain to them in simple words why going to the church and praying is important.

7. Use Singing and Playing as a Way of Introducing Your Toddler To Jesus 

Little kids love singing and dancing, which is why you can use these means to educate your child about Lord Jesus. There are many many Christian songs and stories with snappy tunes that toddlers would love.

You can teach them some movements and dance steps for the rhymes to make this into a fun activity. YouTube is a great place to find wonderful Bible Themed songs for toddlers.

One of the many reasons I follow the King James Bible is because of the poetic language. Although my little one is quite young, I sometimes sing the verses related to Jesus to him while he plays and bathes.

8. Play Out Bible Stories with Your Toddler to teach them About Jesus

A very engaging way of introducing toddlers to Jesus is by playing out Bible stories with them. Help your child use different types of toys in Bible-related stories.

The best way to do so is to first introduce the little one to the story. Narrate the story to your child  and later encourage her/ him to play it out her/his favourite story with the toys. 

As a child  my mother told me a lot of stories related to Jesus, and I totally loved the. Some of the good stories that according to me can be used by kids during the playtime are:

  • The Birth of Jesus Christ 
  • Jesus Calming the Storm
  • Jesus & the Story of the Lost Sheep
  • Jesus Walking Water
  • Jesus & His Miracles
  • Devil in the Desert 
  • The Story of the Faithful Daughter

9. Arrange Play Dates with Other Christian Children and Engage Them in Activities 

Children learn well in interactive and group activities. Therefore, another great way to introduce them to Lord Jesus is to teach them about Jesus by arranging playdates with other Christian Kids.

One of the simplest activities that you can arrange for the kids is to give them colouring books on Jesus.  You can also engage in making some crafts that help them learn more about Christ or play out some bible stories with them. 

If you live in a place where good Sunday schools are available, I would suggest you enroll your child in one. Kids pick up various skills and also learn about Jesus well in Sunday schools.

10. Talk About Jesus Often to Your Kids

Repetition is a really effective tool for toddlers to learn.  Therefore. bring out Jesus in everyday conversations and everyday things with your child.

When your child listens to you talk about Jesus often, they will become curious and would want to know more. That is the time when you tell them more about him.

Teaching the child about Jesus doesn’t have to be overwhelming for the child. Don’t make it a lesson that your toddler is not interested in. In the early stages, you just need to tell them how Jesus loves them and is watching over them.

11. Celebrate Christian Festivals & important Days with Your Child to Help Them Get Closer to Jesus

Last but definitely not least is the celebration of Christian holidays. Children love festivities and its a great time for them to learn a little more about Jesus.

Celebrate festivals and important days such as Christmas, Good Friday with great fervour. Tell your little one about Jesus and why we are celebrating the festival.

You don’t need to give them complicated details but a general introduction to these festivals. Engage your child in preparing for the Christmas holidays and festivals. This is going to be very helpful.

As parents of young children, we have a wonderful opportunity to educate our children about Jesus and building up their relationship with God.

We must make most of this blessing. If you have some additional inputs on the question “how to introduce toddlers to Jesus, I would love to know more. Please drop your thoughts in the comments section below.