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The Bible is the word of God. I can understand only his plan for me if I read in-depth. In order for you to get started, let me help you with easy tips and methodology for studying the Bible.

I recommend starting with one of the Gospels for studying the Bible. Read the Gospels by chapter, paragraphs, verses, and topics.  It will give a common view and significance of Jesus. This is how I study the Bible effectively.

How I study the Bible

 How I Study The Bible in Depth?

I did my first Bible study when I was 13 years old, and at that age, I accepted Jesus into my life.

I started studying the book of Psalms. Whenever I open the Bible, I’m opening myself up to a deep spiritual relationship with God.

Studying the Bible is another way to get to know God better. Bible study is important for many reasons. There are many approaches and methods that can help with regular Bible study.

16 Productive Tips for Studying the Bible

Make your Bible study time more productive with these easy tips.

  1. Set A Period Of Time For Studying God’s Word
 2. Choose A Place For Bible Study
 3. Turning Towards To God Through Repentance
4. Pray Before Studying God’s Word
5.  Select The Bible Edition For Studying
6.  Pick The Passage For Studying Bible Verses
7.  Choose Biographical Method Of Bible Study
8.  Study The Entire Bible Chronologically – Genesis To  Revelation
9.  Studying The Word Of God Through Cross References
10. Learning The Bible By Topics
11.  Find Out Key Points While Studying Bible
12.   Highlight Words  From The Passage For  Bible Study
13.   Learn By Memorizing The Bible Verses
14.   Studying the Bible Verses In The Regional Language.
15.   Learn And Meditate The Word Of God.
16.   Obey God’s Word – That is the Key to Study the Bible

How do you journal the Bible for beginners?

1.  Set A Period Of Time For Studying God’s Word

Choosing a specific time for daily devotion is an important part of Bible study. I always prefer to study God’s word in the early morning because the mind will be fresh and nothing better than starting the day in the right way.

2.  Choose A Place For Bible Study

I make sure that my time alone with God is a place that is quiet and free from distraction. I will ensure that the study space is comfortable. So I can focus as much as possible.

The most important things I keep with me while studying are the Bible, pen and pencil, highlighters, sticky notes, and colored pencils.

3.  Turning Towards To God Through Repentance

It is important to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness before reading the scriptures. Surrendering to God is a basic part of Bible study.

The purpose of repentance is to repeatedly press the joy of our unity with Christ. God can reveal an area of disobedience, which must be acknowledged and avoided before studying the Scriptures.

4. Pray Before Studying God’s Word

I always start reading the Bible with a prayer for divine guidance. My prayer before Bible study is listed here:

Heavenly Father, I just pray that you will help me to study this passage today. As I study your word, let the Holy Spirit guide me to the truth. Help me to keep your word. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

5.  Select The Bible Edition For Studying

There are hundreds of Bible editions in English. The most popular and easy-to-read versions are the American Standard VersionNew American Standard, New Living Translation, and King James Version.

Everyone has an idea of ​​which translation is best. I like the King James Version translation because this language is easy to understand and sticks to the original text.

6. Pick The Passage For Studying The Bible

Each time I make a plan to read the passage in the Bible. I work with small portions, only seven or eight verses that can digest well. When a study section is selected, I read it slowly.

After reading I paraphrase the paragraph in my own words. I also write notes about things relevant to my life. In my first bible study, I started with the book of Psalms.

7. Choose A Biographical Method Of Bible Study

It is easy to study the Bible through the Old and New Testament Bible characters.  We have more than hundreds of characters to learn from the Bible. Biographical Bible study steps are mentioned below.

Select character. (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, David, Peter, etc.)

Select and list the passages for the Biblical character.

First, notice how they are being used for God’s purposes.

Find all the passages in the Bible that refer to the person.

See the key phrase that captures their life

Write a short biography of the character.

Discover character traits.

List the strengths and weaknesses.

Mention their interaction with God.

Write down how the person interacts with God’s commandments in the  New and Old  Testament.

8. Study The Entire Bible Chronologically – Genesis To Revelation

The smartest way to study the Holy Bible is to start at the very beginning. Start with the Book of Genesis. It makes it easier to understand the  Bible as Big Picture.

It provides an essential foundation for Bible study. The Bible is a collection of 66 books. There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.

9. The Use of Cross-References In Bible Study

The cross-references are other verses in the Bible that are related to the same meaning of the verse we are reading.

This will help us to develop a better understanding of the Bible as a whole and also help us to understand the difficult passages by explaining them in related texts.

10. Studying The Bible By Topics

A topical Bible Study is directly a study of the Bible on a particular topic. Choose a topic that you’re interested in. Look up as many Bible verses related to the topic.

It will provide a brief outline ­­­­­­­­­­­ of God’s view related to that topic. Topics vs Bible references are tabulated below.


Corinthians 16:14

1 John 4:8

1 Corinthians 13:13


Philippians 4:6

Matthew 26:41

Jeremiah 29:12


Hebrews 11:6

2 Timothy 4:7

James 2:14-26


11. Find Out Key Points While Studying Bible

I love the King James Version. It is the most popular translation (internal link)  I have ever used when studying the Bible.

Finding the key points make it easier for me to consolidate my Bible study.  If I am confused by any concept I will look for a different translation of the same verse.

When I compare it to another version, in the same verse where other keywords may differ.  By this, I will gain more understanding of this passage. It will open my eyes to new things in the text and I am learning something new.

12. Highlight Words From The Passage For Bible Study

After selecting a paragraph, I will read the verses and highlight the key points. Highlighting helps to remember the text and I may even feel to use those verses in my prayer.

For a better understanding, after reading I write down the key verses and write down the main points in the notebook.

13. Learn By Memorizing The Bible Verses

There are many examples throughout the Bible in which the theme is clearly discussed. I make sure that I always make notes about what I have read.

Remembering the word of God has always been a part of my growing-up experience. I am sharing a few suggestions with you that have helped me memories Biblical verses:-

Reading the passage aloud with the reference.

Reading the verse several times throughout the day.

Understand each word in the verses.

Use these verses in my prayer

Focus on the main keywords.

If it is long verses break down the verse. Remember one part of it, and then add another part.

Try writing the verse several times.

Reciting the verses daily for a week

Writing the verse in my own words.

14. Learning The Bible Verses In The Regional Language.

The Holy Bible has been translated into many languages. While studying, I will read the Bible in my regional language. Bible learning in a regional language makes it easier for me to understand the passage better.

Familiarity with the language helps to grasp the concept easily. Trying to find a translation in your native language is also a good method for Bible study.

15.   Study And Meditate The Word Of God.

Once the passage from a particular verse is learned by heart, meditate all the time. Our minds need to be filled with the word of Jesus.

God said that ” Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful”.

Every word in the Bible is powerful and practical. Once I have read and understood, I ask God to show me how to apply these truths in my life

16.   Obey God’s Word – That is the Key to Studying the Bible

An important factor in effective Bible study is obedience to God’s word. No one can walk with God without obedience. Obedience means believing in God.

My life has changed when I take the time to read, meditate, and memorize the text. Another way to apply is to include learned verses in prayers.

Only through prayer one can draw closer to Jesus. Jesus will give us the strength to grow in Him every day.

All in all, the main goal of Bible study is to gain an understanding of God through his Word. God will bless our efforts if we work on applying the truth to our life. Be a lifelong learner of God’s Word by diving into the Bible. Just select one method and start studying the Word today. I hope you will find these Bible study methods useful. May God bless you.